Do you know if your employees are surfing the web while at work? Do you know if they are visiting pornographic web sites? Do you know if they are downloading music and watching videos?

If your employees are surfing the web, they are most likely not being productive for your business which affects your bottom line. If they are downloading music and videos, they are taking away valuable internet bandwidth causing your network to run slower as well as taking up hard drive space. Most importantly, employees visiting sexually explicit sites at work exposes your organization to unnecessary legal risks such as sexual harassment claims.

Even if you knew about these things, can you really do anything about it? Yes, now you can with ’s Web Content Filtering and Desktop Monitoring service. We can specify which web sites employees are permitted to visit and block the rest. We can even customize the list by user. We can block certain types of content from being downloaded such as music and video files.

In addition we can provide software that will allow you to monitor every keystroke, email and IM conversations and include keyword alarm email notifications. You can literally ‘watch’ what your employees are doing during the day.

Bottom line, our filtering & monitoring services can provide you with more control over your work environment so you can manage your employees, ultimately improving productivity and reducing risks.