General Overview

was hired for the design, creation, and implementation of a web based application that would serve as the primary Accounting and Billing program for a a mid-sized company that currently has roughly 500 Clients that require monthly billing. utilized a team of SQL and .net programmers to create a unique offering tailored to the unique demands of the client.

conducted an initial discovery phase to analyze the currently billing process, and come up with solutions to improve efficiency and visibility within the accounting department.


Prior to being hired the client used an outdated in-house built accounting system that was not only inefficient and time consuming to use, but also the workflow was designed in such a way there was no visibility or redundancy to create an easy step by step operating procedure across the organization.

's goal was to create a very user friendly, easy to use application utilizing an SQL back-end and .net programming, that would allow increased efficiency and improved visibility into Billing history.

began with an initial information gathering phase to identify the needs of the client as well as the core features that would need to be incorporated into the application. From there we began to lay the initial framework in .net, which allowed us to easily tweak and scale to product based on client input.

was also responsible for all training, and implementation of the new application. By utilizing on Site trainings, documentation, and taking into account user feedback. was able to quickly roll out the new product and work through any and all issue that came up in a quick and efficient manner.


had to work through obstacles in creating an application from scratch that followed the basic outline of their previous system to ensure a familiar use, while improving all inefficiencies and increasing performance. used the information gathering phase to analyze each issue with the previous application and come up with a solution to increase productivity.

Not only did achieve the goals of increasing efficiency, but also replaced out of date manual processes through the use of technology and automation. Through the rollout and implementation process there was initial push back on the client end however was able to work through the resistance by utilizing a combination of, effective communication, in person soft skills, quick response to technical modifications, and clear documentation and training materials to facilitate the adoption of the new Billing program.


The team was able to quickly and efficiently produce a new Accounting and Billing program designed to the exact customer specifications. delivered a painless implementation process to roll out the new application in a way that allowed the client to provide instant feedback and continued to pivot the workflow and functionality until we met exactly what the customer needed. was able to achieve all of the client’s goals and needs in a quick, easy, and low cost manner to increase the clients productivity and meet the needs of fast growing ever changing industry